A client asked, “So now what do we do?” upon receiving the check for their grant award.

1. Go over your budget.

2. Give the foundation’s grant program officer a call if there have been any changes since you submitted your proposal.

3. Set up your grant budget with your finance office.

4. Implement the program as described in your goals and objectives.

5. Be prepared to report back your outcomes and expenses in 6-12 months.

These are some of the basic steps upon receiving your grant award. The main objective is to spend down the funds within the time allowed for the grant period. The grant period is the life of the grant. Use the funds according to what was proposed in the application. Upon receiving the grant award letter, you can officially refer to your application as a grant. The grant serves as a legal document between you and the grantor. At times you will receive a “grant agreement” prior to the foundation issuing the check. Other times, you will receive the grant award letter along with the check.

Finally, Guide to Grants Plus recommends that you always acknowledge receipt of the check in a written letter to the foundation and thank them for their generous grant. Below is a sample letter for your convenience.











On behalf of the [YOUR ORGANIZATION'S NAME], thank you for the grant award in the amount of $[AMOUNT] for the [NAME OF PROGRAM]. The check [NUMBER] has been received. The grant report will be provided by [DUE DATE] according to your guidelines.

Your foundation will make a difference in the lives of our participants. The grant will be far reaching in the coming months.  With your generous support, [NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION] will increase its outreach efforts.

If you have any questions, please contact me at [TELEPHONE/E-MAIL]. I thank you for supporting [NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION] with this grant award.



Chief Executive Officer